Winter Bouquet Handpainted Wedding Invitation | The Andrea | By LAC JAMES

Absolutely one of my favorite projects. This was a “right place at the right time” client and designer pairing, and the bride allowed my creativity to flow freely. After I accidentally eavesdropped on she and her fiance discussing wedding invitations over breakfast with family, I gave her my card and she called a few days later to discuss her wedding. We had a quick conversation over coffee and then I went to work!

I had been wanting to try this technique and asked her if she would be game. The absolute opposite of bridezilla, this precious bride was so very go-with-the-flow and loved the finished product.

So thrilled for this couple! Congratulations and best wishes Andrea and Matthew!

WED010 The Andrea Product Pic-01WED010_The_Andrea_Wedding_Product_Pics-01WED010_The_Andrea_Wedding_Product_Pics-02WED010_The_Andrea_Wedding_Product_Pics-03

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